Back to school


Now that kids are back in school and routines are back on track, fall weather is starting to move in.

We have left behind long summer days filled with sunshine and bursting energy.

Fall is upon us and shorter slower days too. Every season has its wonder but fall brings us an amazing color change spectacle that nature goes through time and again.

Trees are getting ready for colder weather and start to shed their lush canopies turning their leaves into an awe inspiring color scheme. The red, orange, yellow and brown, create an intense contrast with vast cloudless blue skies.

This is the best weather to enjoy the outdoors with your family. Taking your little ones in the stroller around the neighborhood at the end of the day is a great way to wind down from the hustle and bustle of the day and bond.

During the weekend go on a hike, put on those hiking shoes one more time before they get stored for the winter. Give your children a ride on your shoulders so they can touch the changing leaves and feel the different textures of the season.

There's many simple ways of connecting children with nature and enjoying the changing season. Feeling the cool crisp air and witnessing nature do what it needs to do to prepare for short cold days is nothing less than a miracle.

We hope you do get to enjoy!


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