Trip to Wilderness

Last week one of our clients shared with us they're planning on taking a trip to Utah and visit Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park.

This inspired us to write a few lines about these two breath taking national parks. Utah is home to the most amazing national parks in the country. There's five of them, each one has their own unique spectacular world class scenic vistas, geological phenomena and wildlife. In fact Utah's national parks feature some of the most astonishing landscapes in the world.

Bryce Canyon offers towering hoodoos, narrow fins, and natural bridges that seem to deny all reason or explanation, leaving hikers gazing around with jaws agape in wondrous incredulity. This surreal landscape is what brings people from around the world to visit.

When visiting you can do hiking and backpacking, scenic driving, camping and stargazing.

Zion National Park has been carved by water and time. The colorful stata at the Virgin River marks the ages for thousands of feet up to a narrow strip of sky.

Opportunities to see and explore Zion National Park abound for people of all ages and abilities, from the scenic byways that slice through the park to the trails that wind through the backcountry. Wildlife watchers can stop at numerous lookouts and search the sky for Zion’s more than 200 bird species, while hikers can strap on their boots and venture out on trails ranging from easy interpretive nature walks to lengthy, challenging hikes through narrow slot canyons. Hiking in Zion National Park is major reason why many people visit.

Maybe you'll feel inspired to take a trip to Utah and enjoy these two national parks. Both are wonderful places to experience nature and adventure with your family. And don't forget to pack your Saddlebaby!!!!


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