About us


The beginning

As a new family in 2012, we made a commitment to be active with our son and to share with him the beauty of the outdoors, to explore and to build fun memories. Based on this decision, we took our 2 year old to many different places, from amazing nature hikes to adventures through the urban jungles and theme parks.

The idea

All this walking around in so many different places created two challenges: one: little legs got tired easily, slowing down and limiting the extent of our adventures. Two: bringing a stroller presented other challenges like navigating crowded places, narrow paths or uneven terrain.

The solution

Our solution became to carry our son on our shoulders. This simple and common solution created new challenges. Our child would tire very easily and his legs would fall asleep a lot. He would be fidgety and wiggly making it hard for dad to walk, enjoy and feel safe. For dad, things were much worse, his shoulders would get sore after a few minutes and he couldn't carry anything else with his hands as he had to hold our son's legs. And so we set out to create SaddleBaby, a safe hands-free shoulder carrier to solve all these issues.

The result

After a few prototypes the first "Original" model was born and we have not looked back since.
SaddleBaby gave our family what we needed and we want to share that with yours. A safe, fun and practical way to explore and do more to enjoy the time we have with our children.
After years in the market and thousands sold world-wide we continue to be grateful for all the positive feedback from families enjoying their SaddleBaby.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your memories.
Saddle up safely with SaddleBaby!