Quality and Safety

SaddleBaby is designed for children ages 2-5, starting when children can safely hold their own weight and keep their balance while sitting on your shoulders.

If you carry your child on your shoulders now, you can use SaddleBaby! SaddleBaby uses the best materials, craftsmanship, industrial Velcro® and safety buckles to secure you child’s leg and thereby providing a safer way to hold on to your child other than holding them with your hands.

Please be aware that SaddleBaby has multiple illegal Chinese counterfeiters selling ‘cheap’ unsafe and even misleading products on Amazon and Ebay.

Please know most of these copies have safety flaws designed to ‘safe money’ and get your business.

Make sure you buy from our AUTHORIZED VENDORS listed on our site.

Please note some of the following safety warnings on our User Manual

  • Your balance may be adversely affected by your movement and that of your child.

  • Take care when bending or leaning forward. Do not bend at waist when stooping down; bend at knees to ensure that the baby remains in a straight seated position.

  • Remove the child he/she is restless or hyperactive while seated on your shoulders

  • Do not use in slippery or uneven terrain.

  • Do not use in showers, pools or any water environments.

  • Make sure child’s body parts and skin are clear when locking buckles or snaps to prevent pinching.

  • Listen for the “clicking” sound to make sure that buckles are securely engaged.

  • Watch for your child’s head with lower clearance. Doorways, branches and lower ceilings can injure your child.

  • Do not allow your child to fall asleep while on the carrier

For the parent:

  • User should not use this baby carrier if experiencing back problems.

  • This carrier should not be used by a person with physical problems that might interfere with the safe use of the product, including but not limited to muscular or skeletal problems, problems with balance or dizziness or painful disorders of the back or legs.

  • Do not cook, clean, run, ski, bike, ride horses or use any type of motorized vehicles, etc. while using this carrier.

  • This carrier should never be used if the wearer is impaired by alcohol or drugs or if the wearer is tired or in pain, as balance and reflexes may be impaired.

  • If the person using the carrier should develop shoulder or back problems, discontinue its use and consult a qualified caregiver.

  • The carrier should not be used when jogging, climbing, biking or other strenuous activity.